NCART is a volunteer first responder organization focused on emergency incident response to animals in need of technical rescue assistance. Our units are self-sufficient and do not require financial or logistics support from requesting agencies. All NCART volunteers are NIMS compliant and our organization operates under the Incident Command System protocol.

In addition to its emergency response capabilities, NCART has an extensive Certified Instructor cadre in several Emergency Response disciplines. We provide training for Large and Small Animal Rescue, Emergency Preparedness, Incident Command System, Search and Rescue, Confined Space Rescue and Technical Rope Rescue for individuals, groups and organizations including Fire Departments and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), which respond to animal emergencies.



When my horse went down with a siezure, I called NC ART and they were right there to help me get him back up and make sure that he was OK.  Thank you NC ART!!

                                                       Stephanie D.